If the world has rejected you,God hasn’t-Bishop Obinim...

The General Overseer and Founder of International God’s Way Church has entreated Christians to remain resolute in the midst of rejection by the world.
Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim who is referred to as the Angel of God told his large congregation during Sunday church service in kumasi that God takes what the society has rejected and make something great out of it.

“Human beings look in the face to make their choice but God looks into the heart. I know you have a good heart, you are generous, you have a kind heart, God knows that if he makes you wealthy you will help others so he will choose you even if people reject you”

Bishop Obinim made connotation of what God told samuel in 1 Samuel 16:1-9, where God rejected the choice of Samuel and sent him to Bethlehem to a man name Jesse because one of his sons was God’s choice of king.

“I tell you as a man of God that God will reject all choices of human and choose you,Bishop Obinim said amidst shouting by the congregation

“If you are not chosen whatever you do, God will reject you. People can choose you but spiritually you are not chosen”

” A woman with three called me and said her husband has left home to stay with his concubine. I told her the lady can do whatever, but she is not the one God has chosen for the man. Someone may have something of yours but it doesn’t belong to the person so it will not last”

The congregation stood on their foot amidst shouting whiles Bishop deliver the sermon with passion.

There Were numerous testimonies as to what God has used the Angel of God to heal the sick, give fruit of the womb to women who have been barren for years, Financial break through and others.

A woman who was going through financial challenges saw Bishop Obinim in her dream and handed an envelop to her in the dream. she woke up from bed the next day and saw the envelop physical on her chest, when she opened it and it was $4,000 as she requested from the Angel of God in the dream. She brought it to church to testify the Wonders God has used Bishop Obinim to do in her life.                                                                                         Source: ‪‎Richard Manu Jackson‬ (Broadcast Journalist) ‪OBTV‬ GHANA / ‪ICE‬ ‪TV‬....